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Representing Aerospace Manufacturer's globally for over 30 years

Chidder Aviation - A manufacturer's repping firm

Our Services

Our relationships

We maintain strong relationships through all levels of our clients and customers, i.e., management, procurement, engineering, finance, manufacturing, testing and product support.

Our Team

Our Services:

Image Development

We promote our client's positive image and assist in the development of customer relations.


We provide support with proposal strategies and contract negotiations

Problem Solving

We provide effective problem solving support and have extensive experience mediating differences between clients and customers.

Consulting Services

We assist in obtaining consulting services such as engineering, finance, testing, qualification and procurement.

New Business

We keep our clients apprised of new business opportunities when they arrise.


We support our clients on occasion with part marking visual inspection or any other service required.

Manufacturers we represent:

Major Machined Parts

Closed-Die Forgings

Cargo Handling & Restraint Systems

Applied Composite Technology Aerospace

Water Jet Cutting

Composite and Sheet Metal Structures

Our Team

Carl Chidiac - Founder & President

As President of Chidder Aviation, Carl brings over 32 years experience as a manufacturer's representative, specializing in aerospace products used on all models of the Boeing Company aircraft.  Carl has received Boeing "Pride in Excellence" awards for performance in leading positive and effective communication between aerospace manufacturers and Boeing during program critical time periods and is a standing member of the Boeing Production System (BPS) leadership and core team.

Lisa Chidiac - Operations & Sales Coordinator

Also a founding member of Chidder Aviation, Lisa is responsible for accounting, business operations of the company and overseeing bidding activity on various accounts.

Paul Frederick, FWA

Paul Frederick has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, product development and business operations relating to the production of complex assembled products in the aerospace industry.  Paul is currently securing new work from the Boeing Tier 1 supply base and implementing strategies to lower costs to achieve higher productivity throughout the supply chain.  Paul has worked as a buyer for the Boeing Company, provided Program Management, and Sales and Marketing for several aerospace firms.

Jim Sheehan, Technical Aero

Jim Sheehan has 25 years of experience representing Defense and Security firms and 15 years focused on the Commercial Aerospace sector.  Jim spent 6 years supporting Boeing’s technology inflow program as a member of Boeing’s Technology Alliance and is a recipient of the Boeing Pride in Excellence Award.  Jim is a board member of the Pacific NW Aerospace Alliance where he serves as Chairman of the International Relations Committee. He enjoys supporting clients from the US, Canada and Europe.

Our Mission

Chidder Aviation is dedicated to being the best we can be.  Through HONESTY and INTEGRITY, we constantly strive for excellence in understanding and exceeding the expectations of our clients and customers.

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